I want to be a tomato

Born around 2000 somewhere in this world and decided to live and breath somehow.

I like egg dishes, orange and avocado juice, and also cheese.

Love visiting new places but prefer to stay inside.

For now I'm interest in doing pixel art, animation and maybe 3D.

Live is miserable and joyful at the same time, yet I prefer to sleep.

When I die I want to be reincarnate as tomato, live as red as I can be.


This site was created for sharing my artwork and other thing(s) I want to share in the shape of HTML, CSS and little bit of Javascript.

Images in this site are drawn by me, unless I stated otherwise. Sharing is allow with credit.

Any written text in form of story, dialogue, and even these words are written by me. I don't know why I need to stated that.

Not consider drawing is something I'm good at, but maybe that is the reason why I keep doing it. Even thou sometimes I just want to lay it down.

Make my heart flutter. Make it scream as loud as possible. Make it bleed in grotesque.

Stupid choice of words. But as the world keep spinning, I'm still here wondering.

This site was last updated on summer [2023.August.05]. See Newspaper for the changes.

I update this site once or twice in random season of the year. Add some artwork(s) and maybe some small changes or new page(s), as some kind of experiments(?)

The tool(s) I used are:

In order to know I need to learn. In order to live I need to suffer.

Anyway, this website is powered by Neocities.