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Precipitation: 31%
Humidity: 22%
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Issue #2
Today's paper published on Autumn. Much chill, but the heat still lingers. Just few month away to the next year.


Fakery Sketch. (our artist, Lintnaya is too lazy to draw the whole illustration)

Sunday, 8th of August 2023, Lintnaya Newspaper writer named Lintnaya doing what a normally newspaper writer do, write some news. Around the 22nd of October 2023 those news should be published to the public, either for the public to read or to skip by, they all nonsense and full of fakery anyway. It was all started on 5th of August 2023, the very first newspaper published. It was intended to be some sort of way to deliver what is the new stuff happened in the website of Lintnaya, the one that wants to be a tomato. But as the wind flows all goes to random nonsense of newspaper that Lintnaya ended up write on. The reason the newspaper created was nothing much as "cool old newspaper flashing by the eyes", Lintnaya just to be happened on the cyberspace as always and saw somewhat nice looking old browny color of newspaper, and he as a human that moves on a whim he decided to make one himself. Although it is a bit ironic that the newspaper he created does not contain any paper, or even real life news.

From there onward the news will keep tracks on how messy and nonsense the inside of Lintnaya's head. Yet even thou it is messy, somehow sometimes it is quiet simple. Lintnaya is pure idiot anyway. Again, the news on this page is never, or will never be 100% based on real life event, the only somewhat truth is the main headline. The rest can be questionable. Although it says "not 100% fact" on the bottom of every news published, it is not holding it to have 1% chance based on real life event or at least took reference from real life event. And the reason why he as the writer of Lintnaya Newspaper will keeps making "fake news" is because most of the big news outlet that exist in real world has made many. Those major media outlet who has broadcasted news since 2000 claimed to be fast, reliable, trusted, and pro people. But in reality, only few that delivered what is important, the truth and what people really need. Most are just one sided, propaganda, bribed by the higher up, unimportant and much nonsense. Therefore Lintnaya stated "Why don't write fake news that delivered actually fake news from the beginning instead", and that what is being delivered now. Therefore don't take anything so seriously on this page, see it as one alternative universe where maybe everything he write on this newspaper is real. No one knows, even the FBI. Lintnaya is too tired of reality sometimes. Enjoy everything as it last, before everything is gone.

Cat Dominates World

Newest data has been published by Orange Cat Academic (OCA) in Belgium on the 1st of October 2023 showing the population of cat has gone up drastically from previous year. From around 600 million in 2022 into 1+ billion this year. It's 1 to 8 to human population right now. And OCA stated that in few years from now most likely cat population will outgrow human population. Some country that reported on the drastic growth of cat population are such as United States, Canada, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, Taiwan, and Argentina.

Cat gangs on random street on this earth

This sudden growth of cat population might not be harm to human, but as we known a couple years back from 2016 to 2022 cat has build up their reputation to be such unpredictable, cruel, and outright evil at some point. Outside their cuteness they hide what they really plan for the future, world domination. Cat videos over on the cyberspace had gone up rapidly, it was estimated there was 19 new cat videos every second and 3 times more on meme uploaded. Most of these cat videos and memes show how cute and adorable cats are, but on some instances there was videos showing how some cats are tired of human and seems ready to assassinate any human with the most horrible way imaginable. And with the rapid growth of cat population there will no doubt cat will take over the world.

Swallowed In Pollution

After a long break the world had prior to the pandemic, a whole world now had gone back to normal and almost all country have open for people to visit legally. But as the day getting back to normal all came to a cost, pollution. Summer of 2023 had been reported to be one of the worst year of air pollution in decade. Everyone has gone back to the office with their own vehicle and factories once more produce black cloud to the sky. Even thou now is autumn season but the heat still lingers and the pollution is just getting wilder.

On some countries like China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and other south Asia countries, they have reported to have the worst air pollution in 2023. Moreover the heat from summer had caused certain area in south Asia countries to dry and even on fire. Borneo also known as Kalimantan, used to be known as the lungs of the earth now suffers from forest fire this year once more. The blue sky is nowhere to be seen, it was all just brown, gray sky, and no fresh air for people to be breath in the big city of south Asia countries.

Government from each countries could not do anything to combat this air pollution except to go back to work from home policy. But that can cause harm to the economic of the country because some jobs are unable to operate well enough under that policy. One of the resident who work as software engineer that lived in Jakarta, Indonesia named Putri Humidabito (f)(26) stated that she preferred to work from home instead of going back to the office. Seeing annoying co-worker faces, dealing with the traffic and the pollution already exhausted her more than the work itself, and she added "This country is nothing but corrupted by higher up and corrupted by air pollution that slowly kills me every singe day.".

Death by Deadline

All started from the first week of August 2023, a Japanese animation company has been discovered of exploiting their workers to the death, and this company is well known to Japanese people as "Black Company". The case was unfold from an unpaid intern on that company, Tomura Namida (disguised name) (m)(21). He accidentally found a mysterious empty room in the office building. At first he found nothing weird other than an empty room, but the more he visited that room the more he realized something is weird. First of all is the smell, a weird funny smell coming out of somewhere from that empty room. Upon ask from another co-worker and higher up about that room, they claimed that smells might come from sulfur gas from below the office building, because their office building is close to public hot bath known as onsen in Japan, and that is why the room leaved empty and not being used. But Tomura believe there's something more in that empty room, and he decided to investigate further by himself. Every single day he tried pressing each tile, wall, or anything that might trigger something in that room, all without other co-worker knowing. On day 42 of internship he finally found a trigger that open a door to a hidden bunker under that room. Upon stepping down to the bunker he realize a story of many animators from that company mysteriously gone missing and some says they all ran away because of tired working as animator on that company, but the truth is they all died because of overwork, and their corpses were dismember and dispose under the hidden bunker of that room.

On 26th of September, Tomura Namida reported what he witness to the police. And on the same day police raided that place and had found at least 12 body under the empty room's bunker. And further investigation concluded that all the bodies are the bodies of animators that the company overworked to dead just to chase a deadline, and the story of animator gone missing finally concluded in such bizarre ending.

Death In Cyberspace

Sunday, 24 September 2023, a man found dead in one of the road of cyberspace, a place where identity being played around more worthless than money. The man real identity has not yet clarified but the information from citizen of cyberspace said that the man has brown hair, one eye attached while the other one is gone, wearing all black clothes and red sandals. There has not been a clear evidence on how the man was found dead, and since the cyberspace does not have real police or any real life profession that can ease the job, the current man identity will remain unknown.

One of the witness that identity will also remains unknown said "Before the man body drops down to this cyberspace there was weird train track noises". Unfortunately there is no nearby train track on the current scene, which makes the whole scenario is a bit weird. Meanwhile the real life police and detective trying to get into the scene and extracting the data available for further investigation.

This is the first case on cyberspace where real life object as human found death as digital substance. At least that what we have discover so far. And further inspection by citizen of cyberspace that playing role as detective stated "This case is weirdly enough might be connected to how our cyberspace slowly being taken from us", referencing on how censorship and data from the internet slowly decayed, deleted, and covered by the big corporation. Until further investigation by the legal team from real world and the wannabe detective from cyberspace this case will remain a unclear.