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Blooming Under Cold Weather

Lintnaya wanted to draw capybara. It has nothing to do with the news.

Far beyond from January 2024, and now 2024 already halfway through. Our newspaper is sure really keep up with everything happened in the world. Somewhat big news that our site, finally step in into 2.0 version, even though there's no huge changes happening. But regardless, our creator really happy that he could pull this up even in his lazy and busy daily days. First of all, now our reader can visit the website either from or They have the same content anyway. Lintnaya recently duplicated the site to another host that might faster in terms of speed. For the information, neocities is blocked in certain country for whatever reason and need at least VPN (Virtual Private Network) or some internet magic to access it, that also affected website hosted in neocities. Few couple weeks in June neocities was really slow to access and had weird connection issue in some region in this world, specifically in South East Asia. In further investigation by unknown group that might not even real in the first place, this connection issue might be happened because of the South East Asia server of neocities either getting attacked or haven't had any good maintenance.

Somewhere around June 2024, there was a lot of internet trouble happening around the world and around Lintnaya himself. Something something hacker news here and there. Turn out our government is full of idiotic boomer that doesn't understand technology and the importance of cybersecurity. Yes, the government where Lintnaya currently live was getting hacked. Our national data has been stolen and encrypted by random internet guy just because our government refuse to learn, refuse to pay, and refuse to understand the importance of their citizen data. Worst of all, they don't have any backup of our citizen data. What a joke! It became hot news for a couple of weeks in the country, and the Ministry of Communication and Informatics in the country was getting grilled by media, and it showed the citizen how incompetent they are in doing their job. Funnily enough, the hacker group themselves gave the decryption key to our government out of pity. For free. It shows how pathetic our government in cybersecurity space. And because of this incident, the top of Ministry of Communication and Informatics had to resign. What a circus.

Move on to the other stuff that has no relation to cybersecurity. Regarding the 2.0 version of our website, actually is not that much different in terms of visual and stuff. There are some changes though in some area, the one that noticeable is the header. Now it is handwritten by Lintnaya himself. There's also 1bit tomato guy appears there on the landing page. For now there's only one of him, but Lintnaya might add more of that guy doing different things on other pages. Also, the gallery has different layout for each category now. The reason he made different layout for different category is because of boredom. Nothing in particular deep or anything. He just bored. Other stuff that being updated are the code itself. Lintnaya been cleaning up the HTML & CSS code, and looking back he realized that some of HTML & CSS were messy, and some of them have no purpose there. "What is this code for? And why is it here?", Lintnaya questioning his past self on why he made complicated things while some of them can be simplified. And also now our newspaper images are in color. No more sepia filter on it. It's not like the images has high quality or important stuff in there though. Lastly, regarding the duplication of the site. Lintnaya didn't really move the site anywhere, he still and will update the site in neocities as long he still has access to it. As long our government not doing any idiotic stuff regarding internet access in the future. The duplication also used as a backup and as another access to the site for those who unable to access it via And also Lintnaya already paid 5 years hosting for the site. Turn out it was cheaper to pay the whole hosting plus bonus domain for 5 years compare to monthly neocities suporter. The other reason Lintnaya has not completely moves the site from neocities is because how simple neocities is as a hosting providers compare to the others. Lintnaya doesn't need too much stuff cluttering in the process of making website. Just a simple static site that allows him to code freely and a place to upload it is enough for him. Most of the hosting provider out there provided too many services to the point most of them are just not being used. Maybe those hosting providers are not for Lintnaya. Because in the end, Lintnaya just want to have fun in the making of this site. And also to kill his boredom.

Speaking of killing boredom, Lintnaya has been enjoying life by playing video game and doodling simple and maybe cute stuff. It is not particular amazing or anything but at least he enjoyed the process of doodling around itself. The video game Lintnaya has been playing in July is called Elden Ring, the DLC Shadow of The Erdtree. Lintnaya loves this kind of video game, a challenging one. And he has been playing video game from this developer called From Software since Dark Souls. This developer know how to make challenging yet fun video games. And this DLC is sure hooked Lintnaya immediately. Exploring the world of this game was magnificent, experiencing once more the beauty of the world of Elden Ring. The bosses in this DLC are incredible in both their design and fight. The DLC bosses are way more challenging and difficult compare to the base game. Hence, there was a debate regarding the DLC if it was way too hard for gamers. In Lintnaya's opinion, the bosses in the DLC are indeed harder than the base game, but he thinks it is necessary to make the DLC bosses harder and more challenging. And to Lintnaya's surprised, he didn't rage in the whole DLC. There were some bosses he stuck for 6 hours, but he didn't even rage. There were some slur words coming out from his mouth, but he didn't fully go mad or even rage. Unlike the base game where he raged a little on end game bosses. Somehow, after playing so many this kind of video games, he reached the point of enlightenment where he is no longer mad or rage. He just sighs once in a while. Also, Lintnaya confessed that beating the last boss of the DLC is the best kind of feeling he could not experience in other video game. After the last boss beaten his ass for 8 hours, he decided to take a sleep break. And tried again in the next morning. And finally beat that last boss after countless retry. The sheer enjoyment he received on the day he beat the last boss is irreplaceable. Even thou it was rainy, somehow it feels very sunny outside after he beats that last boss.

Summer is supposedly happening in July, but in tropical country it was nothing but rain. In early July, the weather in the evening felt hot, and then sudden cold rain came in the morning. This shift of temperature caused the humidity feels little nasty and caused slight throat problems. Lintnaya got this throat problem. It was not that bad, just slight coughing and easily curable with cough syrup. The problem is how his body sometimes confused either he should feel hot or cold. Should he get naked or fully covered in blanket? Even he, himself didn't know. Although the weather felt uncertain, but he sure it was more toward cold than hot. Hence, he put "cold" in the title of this issue newspaper. And what exactly blooming in the cold weather? Not Lintnaya for sure.

July somehow feels special to Lintnaya. Been eating regularly twice a day, usually he had meals very random either only once or none in a day. Not like he doesn't have money to cook or to order something, he is just lazy. In July, he was able to play video game and even drawing not for job but for himself. Also, lately there was some good new anime being aired here and there. Dungeon Meshi surprised Lintnaya not with the foods but with its interesting detail world building and the character dynamic. There is also Girls Band Cry, which at first Lintnaya thought it will be mediocre anime with bad CG, but turned out it was one very good show about cute girls doing band thing. The CG was surprisingly good, with how the character expression work in that 3D space. And the best thing about the show is of course the music. The music is really resonate with Lintnaya, both the lyric and the melody. There's also brain rot anime about deer. And many other anime that just airing with high quality of animation ready to watch. Even in his boring daily life, Lintnaya somehow able to have fun little by little here and there. Either by playing video games, watching anime, or even updating this site. And hopefully he could have more fun even in his boring daily life.

Former President Was Shot

Wonald Crump was shot on Saturday evening, 13 July, 2024 American Time. This attempted assassination was fortunately failed because this politician somehow able to dodge the bullet. He was technically getting shot but somehow able to dodge last second and avoided the bullet hit his vital point. In a result, he only got wounded right ear. This attempted assassination happened in the evening while Wonald Crump delivering his speech on the stage of campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. The shooter himself, later identify as Tombmas Mennew Crack, a 20-year-old man from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania has been taken down and later eventually killed by the U.S Secret Services counter sniper team.

The video of this shooting has been recorded and shown Wonald Crump crunching down while holding his bleeding right ear. A photograph of Wonald Crump raising his right fist after getting shot in the right ear, and he shielded by Secret Service personnel with American flag in the background has been captured as one of American history.

Later Crump was escorted off-stage and taken to the hospital. In the scene itself founded one audience member death and two critically injured. There was also founded AR-51 riffle that being used by Tombmas Mennew Crack in attempted assassination of Wonald Crump.

Other former presidents condemned the shooting, one of them even stated "There's no place in America for this kind of violence". There was also criticism regarding the security oversight in the scene of this shooting, and later lawmakers called for increased security for major candidates in the election. And there is still investigation regarding the motives of this attempted assassination.

Blackout Caused Flood

Sudden blackout happened in Manila, Philippines. This sudden blackout happened on 4th of July 2024, early in the morning. The blackout caused most of the resident unable to turn on their water tap. And it caused many people unable to take a bath in the morning. It is very common to take a bath in the morning in the Philippines and in most of South East Asia country. And unable to take bath in the morning because of the sudden blackout caused some people worry about their body odor. The electricity didn't turn back on until 10 in the morning. And office worker already went to their office without taking a bath in the morning. This caused some offices to have unfresh aura. Meanwhile, in other situation there has been reported several apartments getting flooded because some tenant forgot to turn off their water tap. They were initially trying to turn on the tap in the time electricity were off, and somehow forgot if they already turn it off or not. Turned out 20% of office worker in Manila forgot to turn off their water tap and caused the area to be flooded.

We swear there's water there.

The draining system somehow didn't work quite well and after investigation turned out it was clogged by hair and random stuff. The water reached about 60 cm height from the ground. And after 1 full day of cleaning up the drain system the water finally drained out. There is no casualty, but there was loss befalls the citizen. Something like important papers and clothes needs to be dry out.

Lovely Scam Cost A Soul

Frederic-Fibonanci, known as F-F was reported as scammer and later banned from one of the street in cyberspace called Meowcities. The scheme itself was created in 2023 but later discovered as a scam on 16th of April 2024. They ran a soul for a soul kind of scheme, where the participant will donate their soul in return for more souls. The importance of souls in Meowcities is something like views and followers. The more souls you have the more fame it should be.

At first, they started very friendly toward people in Meowcities and promoted themselves as a helper to help those who in seeks for more souls. F-F will knock each houses in Meowcities and promoted their way to get more souls. "Donate souls to us, and you will get more". This scheme later found as scam after F-F sudden weird behavior that abandoned their donator and act violently toward them. They took other people's soul but never return them back or even give more as they promised.

The Meowcities citizen later split into two groups. Those who saw F-F as a saint that one day will eventually return as many souls to those who believes. And those who saw F-F as nothing but a scammer. Somewhere around 13th to 14th of April 2024, someone reported F-F to the Mayor of Meowcities. This Mayor of Meowcities doesn't have special soul or anything. He doesn't even have fame to be known to his own citizen. But he has all the power in Meowcities, since he is the one who build Meowcities from the ground. And on 16th of April 2024, F-F was banned to shadow realm by the Mayor of Meowcities and not allow to step in Meowcities anymore.

Soul as a thing seems like something very important for the resident of Meowcities. But the truth is, soul is worth nothing in Meowcities. It might seem as one way to reach the high podium and to be well known by the others. But it's not.

Sentimental Group Ruins Video Game

Sour Puppy Inc, a group that supposedly work as consultant for game developer turned out to be the evil of the industry. West AAA developers seems can't get everything right lately. And one reason of that is because the group behind it, Sour Puppy Inc trying to shove everything that unnecessary for video game into it.

One of the game developer behind Assassin Bear, Mebisoft lately released a controversial new IP of Assassin Bear, called Assassin Bear: Arctic. It supposedly featured polar bear as the main character because it sets in Arctic, but because the intervention of Sour Puppy Inc, now Assassin Bear: Arctic featured Panda. Panda indeed still bear species. But no doubt, panda will not survive in arctic because there's no bamboo there. Somehow Mebisoft double down and insisted on using Panda as the main character of their new IP. There was also statement from Mebisoft saying Panda was originally from arctic but somehow travel across the ocean and decided to live in Asia. And now panda is going back to their original root, which is arctic.

After further investigation by the true historian and bear expert, it was founded that Mebisoft actually lied about the history of panda, and they just made everything up. And now Mebisoft undergoing some cancellation because of this. Even polar bear themselves seems very upset about it. They have been waiting for a game of Assassin Bear featuring their species, but what they got? Panda. Even panda themselves seems upset as well. Panda loves bamboo, and to put panda in arctic environment seems like an idiotic move.

Sour Puppy Inc actually stated that they never care about making a good game. They only care to force diversity and inclusion of other species in video games without research or proper knowledge about the species itself.