"Hi". A simple word to start everything. Wonder where everything will go from this onward. To the sea? Somewhere that full of mountains? To the unreachable moon? Nor God even know.

The more I try to think something complex, the more I want to make it as simple as possible. It's not like I hate complex thing, it just makes me overwhelm. Makes me sleepy, I don't want to go work. No coffee. Just want to sleep. I don't even drink coffee.

Rain is my favorite kind of weather. Wether it's the one that bring rainbow or the one that bring thunderstorm. I like them both. There is charm on both of them.

"Less is more". "More is more". "Less is less". "More is not less". Sounds weird, but maybe that is the answer to a question that does not need to be answered.

World is a cruel place, it always be. Yet it's so beautiful once you know where to look. If I seek death, will there be a flower for me(?). Will there be one for every single soul(?). Bad people die, good people die. Isn't that beautiful.

So noisy. Too noisy. This surface on earth, as well on the cyberspace. Wonder how human able to make such noise in their baloney. Let the thought shut for a while.

Sometimes, I don't need to know everything about you. You don't need to know everything about me. Keep everything as what it is. It keeps my mind in ease.

I don't know if being born as human is something to be grateful to. But apparently it is according to the elder, and according to me as I am still in form of human. Maybe if I had or have chance to be something else (maybe tomato) I could reconsider. But as it is now, I need to die first and see if reincarnation is something that could be reach. But who knows. God?

I am just an entity that could be forgotten in one click. Nothing special, nothing much, just like the rest of human existed. But if somehow my existence capable to attach in someone memory for long enough, I will be very happy.

Someday, somewhere, someone died. Someday, somewhere, someone born. Someday, somewhere, somebody wants a strawberry cake. Someday, somewhere a peace was made.

How many world exist in this world(?). If the sky falls will this world disappear? If the sun falls will planets disappear? Not knowing, not caring, human will still keeps going. Even if another being exist on the other side of the world, will I even know?

Is you from the cyberspace the same you as you are in real space? How many of you exist in both world? As someone who travel back and forth this and that world, me that you know probably not the same me that you know. Therefore who is the real you? Who is the real me? As someone said from cyberspace, don't let the two worlds collide. Therefore, let's meet in the real one, where I can seek the reality out of you. Although, the chance we meet probably is 0.1%.

"I know your lie" says God. "I'm the one that created you, I'm also the one that created lie in this world" still says by the God. "Screw you, turn me into tomato already!" says me. Nothing in the scenario even real. Life will be so much easier if we could just ask God whatever we want. Then why not become a God once in a while.